Help Maintain Burial Grounds – Malay Muslim Cemeteries | New Straits Times (24 Mei 2016)

THE Malay Muslim image in Penang, especially on the island, is rather pathetic. Besides the dilapidated state of urban and rural Malay villages, which reflects their dire economic plight, another visual that is quite demeaning is the crumbling state of Malay Muslim cemeteries on the [...]

For the Love of Our Villages | STARMETRO (NORTH) (6 MEI 2016)

[STARMETRO (NORTH) - 6 MAY 2016]   FOR THE LOVE OF OUR VILLAGES NGOs band together to protect state's heritage A COALITION of like-minded non-governmental organisations (NGOs) will be formed to study development policies of advanced countries like Japan, France and Germany to preserve villages [...]

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